Captains log 2-19 (Life Update)

It’s Monday. The bitter cold has no end in sight. Single to negative digits are in the foreseeable forecast and there is no warmth in sight. Snow continues to pile outside. Cabin fever is setting in. Daylight seems to be lasting longer, giving me hope for springs arrival soon. We made it through tax seasonContinue reading “Captains log 2-19 (Life Update)”

“Speechless” Sheds a Positive, Real Light on Disability

The ABC Network show “Speechless”premiered 2016 and is currently on its 3rd season. As someone with CerebralPalsy I was SUPER excited that there was finally going to be a mainstream showthat I could relate to. Even though J.J. in the show has CP that affects himdifferently, there are several moments in every episode that IContinue reading ““Speechless” Sheds a Positive, Real Light on Disability”


written by: Charisse  ​My name is Charisse Hogan, I’m 24 years old and I have Cerebral Palsy, Low Tone plus Ataxia This is my NICU story. Of course I can’t remember my own birth or my stay in the NICU so this is all based on what I have been told over the years. MyContinue reading “STORIES FROM THE NICU: CHARISSE”

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