Hitting the Mark #10- Don’t Click that link!

Here’s the problem: you are randomly scrolling Facebook, YouTube, or even Amazon, and BAM! there’s an image or video link that can only lead to trouble. I know this too well, and it is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to getting totally free of my addiction. It may not even be pornographic in nature, but regardless, it counts when you click that link. Here’s my advice: DON’T!

I am extremely passionate these days about rooting out every bit of inappropriate internet content I come across, whether it’s a YouTube video or a product suggestion on Amazon that isn’t even related to what I was actually searching for, like looki

ng for a cool ring but they suggest a really skimpy bra (this is a real example). But, with that passion, comes the problem of going down the rabbit hole and coming back out dirty. Gentlemen, I implore you, please don’t click on that image or video unless it is to click “Hide” or “Remove”; get it off your screen if at all possible. Clicking that link even for a second is not worth coming back and feeling like you came out of an hour or two of viewing hardcore material. That feeling sucks!

What does one do when temptation comes knocking? There are a few things I can suggest, and I admit I need to get better at employing them myself. Honestly, just put your phone or laptop or Chromebook down and go do something else. Like to pound out hot metal? Light up that furnace and do it! Video games strike your fancy? Go kill some bandits outside Whiterun or some First Order troops in a downed star destroyer (shout out to Bethesda’s “Skyrim” and EA’s “Star Wars: Battlefront II”!). Write in a journal, listen to your favorite music, heck, if you are married or in a relationship, tell your partner or spouse you are feeling tempted and ask for help! Anything to avoid clicking on that link! It’s not worth dirtying your conscience, man.

My hope and prayer is that this bit of typing will be an encouragement to anyone reading this, as always. Guys, I implore you, no, BEG, you, don’t click on that link. Some things are best left unseen or unread, and this goes for me as well. Feeling uncomfortable? I kind of hope so, not to be a jerk, but because if you do, then you know what is being done is wrong no matter how long you are doing it for. I know I feel uncomfortable, guilty even, when I know I slipped up.

My final words to you today: a dirty conscience and shaken trust from your loved one(s) is not worth that one, five or ten seconds of viewing in the bathroom or on the couch alone. Be strong. Be strong by seeking out healthy alternatives to porn when you’re bored or stressed. Be strong by seeking help from another human. Oh, and before I leave you, I have a personal recommendation: listen to Skillet’s “Sick of It”, it always reminds me of what I want to feel vs what I do when I give in and serves as good motivation (shout out to Skillet!). Gentlemen, carry on, and fight on.

Published by McKenna_Thrush

You may be wondering what makes our relationship so unique... Cole has Asperger's, and I (McKenna) have Cerebral Palsy. The challenges of life, coupled with our disabilities can make for a pretty interesting day-to-day life. In fact our life sometimes seems like anything but day-to-day. ​I suppose the same can be said for our relationship from the beginning. We started dating just over 2 years ago and decided that we wanted to have a courtship than your typical dating relationship. The purpose of showing people our lives, is to show people that disability doesn't need to stop you from reaching your goals. You can still go to college, live independently, get married, and even have a family regardless of the cards you are dealt. We may not be your typical couple. we may not live "normal lives" but that doesn't stop us from living the best life we can!

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