A Movie Review by Cole: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel. What is one word I can use to describe this film? The word “impressive” comes to mind. The visuals, the story, characters, all are impressive. The character of Captain Marvel is the newest and perhaps most powerful addition to the Avengers, and her story is one of the most unique. Let’s start with that.

Captain Marvel’s story definitely took some interesting turns throughout the film, making for a very attention-grabbing plot. It is set in the 1990s (they had a Blockbuster video store for crying out loud!) and that in of itself aided the story in its own unique way, like Nick Fury’s pager being used at key points. Also, there is the involvement of the Kree (they turned out to be the bad guys once again) and the villain Ronan from Guardians of the Galaxy, and the revelation that like Peter Quill, she was born on Earth and lived the rest of her life to the present time on another world with another race of people, which I kind-of saw coming but also didn’t. I must also point out that a younger Nick Fury and Agent Coulson had significant roles in the film; Fury became like a second father to Carol Danvers, which is Captain Marvel’s real name, aiding her when others wouldn’t.

The visual effects, as usual, were very impressive and not gratuitous like some movies are these days. For instance, they made Captain Marvel’s powers look real and believable for the story. Granted, Marvel films are typically well-executed visually, but this one in particular required something a little different, and it definitely was. Visual effects were required to bring Captain Marvel’s powers to life as well as giving the illusion of being in space.

The character development was also well done, with Captain Marvel’s backstory as a female Air Force pilot and Nick Fury’s pre-director career with S.H.I.E.L.D. as a more personable and humorous character. The interactions between them and the other characters like Jude Law’s role as Captain Marvel’s Kree mentor were believable in their performances giving the audience a cast of characters they could connect with and care about.

To recap, Marvel studios delivered once again with Captain Marvel, giving audiences a strong principle character with a compelling story, enhanced with spectacular visual effects, and believable performances by all the actors. Definitely a must-watch, especially with its tie-in to Avengers: Endgame and the final showdown with Thanos, as well as the clever 90s references throughout. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

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