Hitting the Mark- Combat the Habit!

In previous posts I covered my prior and existing struggle with pornography, laying it all out there. But I never really talked about what to do to combat porn. Here I will give advice from my personal experience combating this sin, and hopefully those who read this can learn from it and know that there is hope.

What can a man (or boy) do to combat this? Paramount to getting out of porn is finding someone to be accountable to. That person can be a friend, family member, spouse, pastor, anyone you know you can trust who will not judge you but will keep you on the straight and narrow as much as possible. McKenna was my most important accountability partner especially because we were dating and I wanted to kick the habit before we got engaged, which I did!

Next, if necessary, is relieve yourself of electronics with internet access. In this day and age it can be very hard to be willing to do that, and I understand that all to well. If you can’t get rid of your phone, disable any apps that would be tempting to you, relegate your device to non-social media communication only. I had to disable YouTube and Facebook Messenger a few times just to lessen the temptation while I was on my phone. Also, make sure the safesearch setting on your internet browser is as strict as possible and keep yourself accountable to someone who can remind you not to mess with it.

The last piece of advice I can offer is this: ask yourself, “What’s more important to me? Long-term intimacy with a real person who loves me, or short-term pleasure with a woman on a screen that you will never meet and only be left with regret and shame?” This is a hard one, I know. At times I felt like I was better off continuing to view porn as I wasn’t sure I would actually find my life-partner. But when McKenna and I started dating and leading up to our engagement, the answer to that question was clear. I wanted a long-term, intimate relationship with a real woman that porn could never fulfill, and that was the end of it. Trust me, real love and intimacy is so worth the effort and much better than fake stuff on a screen!

Again, I hope that what I have shared here will benefit anyone who reads this that has or is struggling with porn and give them hope. There is hope for lasting change, if you are willing to take that first step. Be it ditching electronics and fortifying your internet browser, finding an accountability partner or simply asking yourself what you value more, you CAN combat and eliminate pornography from your life. Where will you start?

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