A Movie Review by Cole: Aquaman

A few weeks ago I went and watched “Aquaman” at our local theater, and let me say, I was blown out of the water (pun intended). How so? First of all, it had the tone of a Marvel film, rather than a DC film, which tends to be darker and more gritty. The title character, played by Jason Momoa, brilliantly combined action, emotion, and humor into his performance which I really appreciated; people have been going nuts for him.

The action sequences were well-choreographed, making for fights that were fun to watch that also tied into the story at necessary points. Also, I want to point out that the Atlanteans in the film were not all fish-like or mermaid-like as they are often portrayed. This further emphasizes the notion that Atlantis was once a human, above-water kingdom. The storyline was done well, paying close attention to the plot and characters’ personal journeys, not just focusing on the action and the visuals at the expense of good story telling as is often the case with this kind of movie.

The romance in the story wasn’t cheesy or overdone, actually proving humorous at different points as the hero and heroine underwent their journey. Of course the film has spectacular visual effects, but they are coupled together with practical, on-set effects and on-location shooting, making for a real-looking film. Is there anything about the movie that I didn’t like or had to criticize? Honestly, not really, which isn’t all that common. All in all, I give this movie a 5/5 due to its overall enjoyability, good blend of CGI and practical effects, the storyline, the actors’ performances, and the lighthearted tone of the film compared to others in the DC franchise; I saw it in the theater two or three times by myself. Highly recommend!!

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