Things we LOVE: Cat n’ Jack

In 2017 Target launched their biggest line to date: Cat N’ Jack which includes clothes for children with disabilities as a major part of the line. A wonderful aspect of all of these clothes is that they are sensory friendly.
At first I was hesitant to buy clothes from the boys section because as a man I didn’t like that idea. However with me being so petite, finding clothes to fit me properly was a huge struggle. With a little (or a lot) of encouragement from my wife and mom, I gave boy’s clothing a shot and hit the jackpot. Cat N’ Jack has been such a blessing to me for so many reasons. While being a kids clothing line, there are a lot of mature styles so I don’t necessarily feel like I’m wearing kids clothes.

Let’s be real, who doesn’t use Target!?!?! Well, now you have even more of a reason. Clothing from this line is super accessible and affordable to literally any economic class of people. Other brands have rolled out clothing for those with disabilities but no one wants to pay over $100 for a pair of jeans, especially if you are a parent of a young child with a disability making every penny count. Overall Cat N’ Jack ranges in price from around $4 to about $32 however most clothes I’ve personally bought have been no more than $20. Target not only offers these clothes in-store but also online and via their subscription boxes. The size range available is really wonderful! Kids sizes 2T to XXL (big boys) can take advantage of this great line.

The sensory friendly aspect of the line has allowed me to feel stylish, comfortable and confident while wearing their clothes. According to Target, Cat N’ Jack uses flat seams and heat transferred tags to avoid the issue of skin contact. Also they use certified organic cotton which is just another awesome level of comfort. In addition to the sensory friendly features, some tops include button/zippered openings in the abdomen which would be a game changer for kids with feeding tubes, caths or other types of stomas.

Currently at least half of my closet is Cat N’ Jack and I am always looking for more. Overall, 5 stars and I recommend this to everyone!

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