My Husband has Autism and That’s O.K.

If you mention Autism I think almost everyone can think of someone they know on the Spectrum. Right off the bat, anyone can think of some negative stigmas, stereotypes or aspects of being Autistic, but today I am going to talk about how all of that is absolutely okay and maybe even positive in someContinue reading “My Husband has Autism and That’s O.K.”

A Letter to my Younger Self with ASD

Everyone has things that they wish they had done differently, or could go back and change it if it were possible. What would you tell your younger self? What is there that no one told you about adulthood that you wish you knew? There is plenty about adulthood that I wish I knew more about.Continue reading “A Letter to my Younger Self with ASD”

A Movie Review by Cole: Aquaman

A few weeks ago I went and watched “Aquaman” at our local theater, and let me say, I was blown out of the water (pun intended). How so? First of all, it had the tone of a Marvel film, rather than a DC film, which tends to be darker and more gritty. The title character,Continue reading “A Movie Review by Cole: Aquaman”

Things we LOVE: Cat n’ Jack

In 2017 Target launched their biggest line to date: Cat N’ Jack which includes clothes for children with disabilities as a major part of the line. A wonderful aspect of all of these clothes is that they are sensory friendly. At first I was hesitant to buy clothes from the boys section because as aContinue reading “Things we LOVE: Cat n’ Jack”

My Journey with CP: Robert Escandon Part 3/3

The Following is a continuation of My Journey with CP: Robert Escandon Parts 1 and 2 … click here to read part 1 When I entered Coronado high school I met a friend I first met in the fifth grade.  He was the only friend I had during high school, everyone else was acquaintances.  IContinue reading “My Journey with CP: Robert Escandon Part 3/3”

My Journey with CP: Robert Escandon Part 2/3

The Following is a continuation of My Journey with CP: Robert Escandon Part 1/3… click here to read part 1 Writing and speaking about cerebral palsy awareness is not about feeling sorry for oneself.  It’s also not about CP pride (for me).  Pure and simple, it’s about awareness.  Believe it or not, there are someContinue reading “My Journey with CP: Robert Escandon Part 2/3”

Alexa Meets Accessibility (Updated)

Devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo are huge right now. Apple recently joined the smart home market with the HomePod. All this tech can be fun but it also can play a huge roll in accessibility and independence for those with disabilities.When you have a disability, every little thing that you do by yourselfContinue reading “Alexa Meets Accessibility (Updated)”

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