Things we LOVE: Weighted Blanket

For Christmas I received a weighted blanket as a gift. I can say without a doubt that it has been an absolute blessing. First of all it has been wonderful for my anxiety. When I cover with it, I feel instantly relaxed. Positive pressure has been proven to be beneficial for people on the Spectrum because it simulates a tight hug which can give the feeling of security and safety. One noticeable difference is that unlike someone physically hugging you, the blanket is a more constant source of pressure that doesn’t stop until I choose to take the blanket off.

Secondly, the blanket is warm in itself so I haven’t ever felt like
I have needed another blanket with it. On the other hand, it doesn’t feel too warm either. The material is plush and cool which makes it extra comfortable for sleeping at night. When I have slept using the weighted blanket I’ve noticed a huge difference. Typically I toss and turn and even sometimes wake up a few times during the night. Most mornings I wake up feeling not very well rested. Since sleeping covered with the weighted blanket I notice that I’m sleeping more soundly and feeling so much more well rested then before.

Weighted products are not uncommon in the ASD therapy world. As a child I never wanted to use a weighted vest mostly because of the stigma attached to it. I didn’t want to be seen as different and wearing the vest made me stand out. With the blanket I can be in the comfort of my own home. Also there isn’t a noticeable difference in the weighted blanket versus any other blanket. I don’t stand out using a blanket. The best thing that makes the blanket a better choice over other weighted products is that the weight is spread evenly over your whole body instead of just around the chest.

I would recommend a weighted blanket for anyone with anxiety or on the spectrum. It is definitely worth the investment.

worth the investment.

here Is a link to my blanket via Amazon:

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